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Custom Callbooks

Using an external DLL file, it's now possible to use callbooks which are not directly supported by MixW.

Writing callbook drivers in "C"- language

Download C++ source code and DLL file: MixCallBook1.zip.

Place MixCallBook.dll file to MixW directory. Then open Callbook Settings dialog and select "MixW custom DLL" as callbook type. Enter the database path and other data passed to the DLL (not needed in this sample).

This sample DLL does not contain actual database and returns data only for UU9JDR (yes, megalomania!). But it could be easily extended to support a real database  file. See included C++ files for details.


Writing callbook drivers in Visual Basic

Using a "bridge" DLL written in C language, it's possible to use Visual Basic ActiveX DLL as a callbook driver.

Download C++ and Visual Basic source code and DLLs: MixActiveXCb1.zip.

Copy both DLLS (MixActiveXCallBook.dll and MixCallBook.dll) from ZIP file to MixW directory, then register ActiveX DLL by typing

regsvr32  MixActiveXCallBook.dll

Then choose "MixW custom DLL" as Callbook type in Callbook Settings dialog to activate the "bridge" DLL.

This sample Visual Basic ActiveX DLL opens MsgBox windows in response to initializing DLL, it's deinitializing, and callsign lookups.

It also returns data in response to searching for UU9JDR.

You do not need to modify  MixActiveXCallBook.dll written in C language. Add your code to three Visual Basic functions to support your callbook database, it's easy:

Private Sub Class_Initialize()
' Add your initializing code here
End Sub

Private Sub Class_Terminate()
' Add your terminating code here
End Sub

Public Function LookupCall(Path As String, Callsign As String, ByRef Info As String) As Long
' Add your lookup code here
End Sub

See sample Visual Basic project from VB directory of the ZIP file for details.


Searching at WWW callbook sites

Howard, KH6TY suggested running Internet Explorer to open search page for current callsign.

Download Visual Basic source code and EXE file: MixWebLookup3.zip.

This sample program automatically opens different callbook pages depending on the country of callsign owner.

For Canadian calls, it opens the search page at  http://www.rac.ca/.
For Russian calls, http://www.octavia.com/.
For any other calls, http://www.qrz.com/.

To start search, enter a call into Call field in MixW, then click Search button in this program. To start search from MixW window,  create the keyboard macro (e.g. F4):

Macro: F4
Label: Search

This program does not parse the page and does not fill Name or QTH fields. It only shows the whole page in it's window. 

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