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Download contest statistics DLL's:
( unzip and copy to /MixW/Plugins/ directory, then choose from Contest Settings dialog ).

Contest name File Last modified
   CQ WW DX Contest    StatsCQWW.zip 27.11.2003
   Ukrainian DX Contest (+SSTV) *1    StatsUDXC.zip 02.11.2003
   TARA RTTY Sprint    StatsTaraRttySprint1.zip 25.11.2001
   ARRL RTTY Round-Up    StatsRttyRoundup1.zip 25.12.2001
   BARTG RTTY Sprint    StatsBartgRttySprint1.zip 24.01.2002
   FMRE International RTTY Contest    StatsFmreRtty2.zip 01.02.2002
   Open Ukraine RTTY (updated) *2    StatsOpenUkraineRtty.zip 23.02.2004
   High Speed RTTY Sprint    StatsHsRttySprint1.zip 07.03.2002
   North American Sprint *3    StatsNaSprint1.zip 08.03.2002
   BARTG Spring RTTY *4    BartgSpringRtty1.zip 15.03.2002
   CQ WW WPX CW/SSB *5    StatsWpxCWSSB.zip (updated) 24.05.2004
   EA WW RTTY    EaWwRtty1.zip 03.04.2002
   SP DX RTTY    StatsSpDxRtty1.zip 03.04.2002
   TARA PSK31 Rumble    StatsTaraPsk1.zip 18.04.2002
   ARI International DX    AriIntDx1.zip 04.05.2002
   Alessandro Volta RTTY DX *6    StatsVoltaRttyDx1.zip 10.05.2002
   ANARTS WW RTTY *7    AnartsRtty1.zip 07.06.2002
   SARTG WW RTTY    StatsSartgWwRtty.zip 09.08.2002
   SCC RTTY Championship    StatsSccRtty.zip 09.08.2002
   CQ/RJ WW RTTY DX Contest    StatsCQWWRTTY.zip 25.09.2002
   CQ WW 160m DX Contest    StatsCQWW160.zip 19.02.2003
   Russian DX Contest    StatsRusDx.zip 04.03.2003
   Anatolian WW RTTY Contest    StatsAnatolianRTTY.zip 15.05.2003
   DL-DX-RTTY Contest    StatsDLDXRTTY.zip 16.05.2003
   JASTA SSTV Contest    StatsJastaSsstv1.zip 30.09.2003
   JARTs WW RTTY new    StatsJartsWwRtty1.zip 16.10.2003
   WAE RTTY Contest new *8    StatsWAE.zip 05.11.2003
   OK RTTYContest    StatsOKRTTY.zip 18.12.2003
   MEXICO RTTY Contest    StatsMexicoRTTY.zip 05.02.2004
   CQ WW RTTY WPX    StatsWpxRtty2.zip 05.02.2004
   RUSSIAN PSK WW    StatsRusDxPsk.zip 31.01.2004
   CQ WW RTTY WPX    StatsWpxRtty.zip 24.05.2004
   Ukrainian Championship RTTY-SSB-CW    StatsUkrChamp.rar 18.03.2004
   EU PSK DX Contest 2004    StatsEuPskDx.zip 19.05.2004
   Ukrainian DX DIGI Contest 2004    StatsUkrDigi.zip 24.06.2004
   UK RTTY DX    StatsUkRTTY.zip 08.01.2005
   Makrothen Contest (RTTY)    StatsMakrothen.zip 29.10.2004
   ARI International DX Contest 2006    StatsAriIntDx.zip 03.11.2005
   ARRL DX Contest    StatsArrl.zip    StatsArrl10.zip    StatsArrlFd.zip 22.01.2006
   DigiFest Contest    StatsDigiFest.dll

    *1    Ukrainian DX Contest + Ukrainian SSTV Contest
    *2    Enter the whole exchange number ("PO001" or "PO  001")  into ExchRcv field
    *3    CW+SSB+RTTY. Enter received serial number into ExchRcv field and domain/state/province into Domain field of the log (i.e. domains are not auto-grabbed).
WARNING: MixW versions prior to 2.04 contain bug in Cabrillo export for North American Sprint (but all other functions work).
    *4    No Cabrillo log generation. Please use "to Text" button to produce to export the log into text format.
    *5    Please go to http://www.sk3bg.se/contest/cqwwwpx.htm to see how to fill the Cabrillo file header for WPX contest.
    *6    Enter both received serial number and CQ zone number into ExchRcv field (like "001 16"). Set your own CQ zone via View - Statistics - Settings menu (while in contest mode).
    *7    Enter both received CQ zone and time into ExchRcv field (like "16 1921"). Set your own CQ zone via View - Statistics - Settings menu (while in contest mode).
    *8   To set up MixW 2 for the WAE RTTY contest:
1) Delete existing QTCTX.log and QTCRX.log files from MixW directory (if needed).
2) Set up contest mode with StatsWAE.dll.

To record QTCs from the other station, enter its callsign in the WAE dialog, then select QTCs in RX window, right-click the selection and choose "Add to statistics" from the menu.

To send QTCs, enter the other station's callsign in the WAE dialog, then press/click a button with <STATS:GENERATEQTC> macro. Use <STATS:REPEATQTC> macro to repeat the last QTCs.

To generate logfiles, go to File - Search in logfile menu. Then select the WAE contest from the drop-down menu and click Display. Select all found QSOs and click "to Cabrillo" button. Answer "Yes" when the program suggests generating logfiles in WAE format.

Then you will get the following files:

WaeRtty.sum - summary sheet.
WaeRtty.all - all contacts in chronological order.
WaeRttyXXm.txt - contacts for band XX.
QTCTX.log and QTCRX.log - QTCs.

Domain lists:

F i l e D e s c r i p t i o n
   s50p13dc.dom    50 US states + DC + 13 VE provinces
   s48p13.dom    48 US states + 13 VE provinces
   s48p14.dom    48 US states + 14 VE provinces
   NAQP.DOM    48 US states + 12 VE provinces (for NA QSO Party)
   RUSSIAN.DOM    Russian oblasts
   UDXC.DOM    25 Ukrainian oblasts + 2 cities
   Mexico32.dom    32 Mexican states
   ea52prov.dom    52 provinces of Spain (including EA6, EA8 and EA9)
   sp16w.dom    16 provinces of Poland
   ita103.dom    103 provinces of Italy
   uk.dom    UK Domain

Jim Jaffe's (WA2VOS) collection of contest DLLs:
The samples of Nick's ( UT2UZ) macros for some contests are here.


Contests settings:

- List of contests dialog has been moved to View -Contest mode menu.

- Double-click sets the selected line active. To deactivate a contest, choose "No contest".

- Added CQ zone auto suggestion. See the Contest Settings dialog.
CQ zone is automatically entered into the received number field when you enter a new callsign. For countries with more than one CQ zone (USA, etc.) it also shows '?' mark after the zone number, which means that this value will be rewritten with the Auto Grabber with the actual zone number.

- Log Statistics dialog has been moved to View - Statistics - Brief log statistics menu.

- Added statistics filters for displaying contest statistics on-the-fly.

In Contest Settings dialog, click the "Statistics:
[...]" button and choose a statistics filter. Then, click View - Statistics - Show contest statistics menu to display the statistics window.

Contest filters are actually DLL files that are located in Plugins subdirectory in MixW directory.

- To automatically generate Cabrillo contesting log for a given contest, Run "Search in Logfile" dialog (File - Search in logfile menu).
Uncheck all check-boxes except "Contest". Choose a contest from the list. Click Display button. In the search results dialog, select the lines you want to export (right mouse click for additional options), then
press "To Cabrillo" button.

After viewing the contest statistics, fill the required fields and press OK.


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