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MixW4 Version 1.0.5

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2018 10:57 am
by UT0UN ... &ver=1.0.5

BUG fixed: 20m and 6m band plans fixed
BUG fixed: BPSK baud rate switching
BUG fixed: crash on Cancel in BPSK31 Settings window
BUG fixed: font settings not applied to Rx/Tx view
BUG fixed: double key <ESC> should clear TX window
BUG fixed: DXCluster takes lot of CPU’s time
BUG fixed: DXCluster should stop processing in hidden mode
BUG fixed: import ADIF doesn’t support latitude/longitude format ( XDDD MM.MMM )
BUG fixed: EDIT QSO: ITU and WAZ should be editable
BUG fixed: In the TX window <CR> and <LF> commands not work
BUG fixed: Mix stops decoding after CW TX
Olivia mode added
Contestia mode added
RTTYM mode added
RX/TX controls moved to status bar
eQSL send is now available via <SENDEQSL> macro
Reset text settings allowed
Signs like PA0SU/J, TA1DX/50, VP8LP/100, CT9/DL8DBW/H… are now processed
Added import of the APP_DXKeeper_REGION tag to the standard ADIF’s tag REGION
TEN-TEC – and SRC – CATs are not supported
“Submode” column added to logger
ADIF location format can be selected in settings page
Improved appearance of the macro redesign dialog
Added Copy/Paste/Clear/Cut support to the macro redesign dialog
Save/Load/Reset layout is now available
Show/Hide logger’s columns is now available is now supported
Known bug:
If you have problems with decoding, you need to close the RX window and re-open it.
We are working on it...