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Questions and help with MixW4

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:14 pm
by K1KOB
1. The Earth Map doesn't stay on the screen when I shut down and reboot MixW4.

2. I can't find the Print QSL(s). I use it a lot in MixW3.

3. You can't import the MACROS from v3. They have a different extension on the file name.

4. In QSL Service, inbox EQSLs - down load QSL, I get this error "ERROR: MULTIPLE USERS WITH SAME USERNAME / PASSWORD". How do I clear out the MixW4 file on this so that I can retype the info for e-QSL
correctly ?

5. I can't find the LOG statistics / brief log statistics / detailed by country info. Where is the file that I can go to update / change a country name/prefix info ?

6. Please explain the "before" in front of the Ham Band Freqs. Before20 /20meters Before15 /15meters.

7. Where and in what file is the entire log kept ? I like to save my log when I shut down. I even save it in two different places, all 10,606 log entries. When I bring up MixW4 I can access my entire log on the screen.
But when I go to "C:\Users\Ralph\AppData\Roaming\MixW Software\MixW4\MixW4.log" the only entries
there are the ones that I've put into MixW4. The other 10,600+ entries aren't there. Where is the program keeping them ? When I installed the program MixW4 it copies all of my log from MixW3.

8. The waterfall is way too big. There needs to be a way to "hide" it when not in a digi mode. That way I
could bring up my Pegasus 550 in that space and control it without a toggle to another screen.

OK guys, help me out.
73 Ralph K1KOB