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Help with MixW4 CAT to Pegasus

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:38 pm
by K1KOB
In the MixW4 modules list there isn't one for the Ten-Tec Pegasus 550. I've been using the Pegasus with
MixW 3.2.105 Jul 25 2017 without any problems. Here is what I've done. I have used the CAT Elecraft.dll
(K2) settings screen and put in the Pegasus settings. I've checked the following boxes:
save freq on exit
cw out via sound card
cw is LSB
AFSK in place of FSK
PTT via CAT command
default DIGI mode = USB

In the port setting I've entered:
Port Com 2
NONE - 9600 - 1 - 8
hardware flow control is checked

In the PTT Com Port Settings:
Port = Com 2
enabled is checked

Receive is working OK but I'm not keying the Pegasus. What settings do I have wrong ? In MixW3 I have an entry that states "Software Path =C:\N4PY" . That is where the control program for the Pegasus 550 is. There is no place to put this statement in MixW4.
Help pse..
73 Ralph K1KOB