ADIF Import wrong Timestamp

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ADIF Import wrong Timestamp

Postby DK6OR » Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:24 pm

Hi there,
if you import an ADIF created by another software MixW takes the Start-Date-Time correct but the setting of End-Date-Time ist the original Date-Time in the moment the import happens.
This means, that the data printed on your qsl related to the End-Date-Time are wrong! This also, if you upload your log to LotW.
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Re: ADIF Import wrong Timestamp

Postby ON2AD » Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:28 pm

Hello Detlef, DK6OR

I can not produce this error.
I Work with MixW3.1.1h and DXKEEPER, so all my QSO I logged with MixW are logged in DXKeeper.
But I use other programms to for JT65 modes ect... and logged this in DXKeeper .
After an month or less I make an ADIF file via DXKeeper for import that file into MixW.
BUT, I make an ADIF 1.0 format file via DXKeeper and with those ADIF 1.0 format file I haven't that problem you write.

Hope this will help you to solve your problem.

73 de Pat, ON2AD
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